Violence is OK?

It is beyond belief to see a story like this. http://Students support Violence.

So, this story is saying that one out of five students interviewed do not believe that the first Amendment does not protect what they consider to be “Hate Speech” which amounts to anything that disagrees with the far left agenda. The students feel that they can simply apply the label, “Facists” to those who disagree with them and then commit acts of violence against these so called Fascists. But, that begs to question who exactly it is that has the right to determine who is and who is not a Fascist? If one applies the logic that is being used here for this example, then what if people like me for example, who believe in things like God, country, and family, decide that those who are protesting everything are in fact the fascists? Why would it not be right for me to go to Berkley for example and start bashing the heads of protestors because I disagree with what they are protesting and I feel that they are in fact the fascists?

One of the biggest complaints that I have always had with “Liberals” and all of the ilk of the Left is that they seem to think that they are the ones who are entitled to make the decisions for everything that affects everyone. For example, they don’t like the 2nd Amendment, therefore everyone in the United States should bow and submit to any policy under the “Anti-gun faction” of this country. So, liberals feel that they can determine what is best for everyone else but they are quick to exempt themselves from the policies that they think the rest of us should have to live under. Still scratching my head on that one. Who exactly was it that gave the far left that right and power to begin with?

I recall a story from a few years back of a teenager who climbed over a fence and used the swimming pool of a neighbor or something but was shot and killed by the homeowner who turned out to be an extreme “Anti-gun” proponent and in fact owned a huge collection of firearms. The left certainly does not believe in the old adage that I grew up hearing which is, “What is good for the goose, is good for the gander”.

And who is to blame? Well, if you think back to around 1962 or so, the liberals succeeded in removing prayer from the public school system and basically gained control of the public Education system. Today, our kids are taught what is supposed to pass as a serious curriculum but actually teaches revisionist history blotting out anything that the left deems offensive such as the Civil War, and replacing troublesome things like that with shining examples of enlightenment such as White Privelege. This of course leads to what we are currently seeing on television which is attacks on statues and removal of offensive segments of history that is not liked by the far left.

Einstein famously stated that “Nature abhors a vacuum.” which leaves us with what rushes in to fill the vacuum of a Christian worldview, or a Patriot worldview, etc. if our children are no longer being taught about our Constitution and Bill Of Rights? There is always the example of “Common Core Math” which is absolutely beyond ridiculous and confusing and serves only to insure that our children are indoctrinated to march in lock step with the groupthink of the far left. College “Snowflakes” and safe zones for students traumatized by seeing the name, Trump written in chalk on a sidewalk will be the leaders of tomorrow who will be tasked with taking care of us as we age. That is frightening on every level and absolutely sends chills up my spine and should any other person still capable of free thinking.

Finally, do not think for a second that such violence will be limited to situations like we see at Berkley when a conservative dares go there to present an intellectual debate based on conservative ideology or the tearing down of Civil War statues. We have seen the basis during the “Occupy Movement” that the left embraced for being such brave demonstrations of free speech which consisted of thugs and paid protestors being bused in for the purpose of instigating violence against anyone who dared disagree with the left’s radical ideology. It is becoming more prevalent and dangerous with police and opposing protestors being injured or hospitalized at the hands of the Antifa protestors. Also the burning, looting, and destruction of businesses and property in whatever area the protestors choose along with literally trying to shut down traffic on roads and freeways which have resulted in people dying trying to reach the ER of local hospitals.

Be aware, educated, and prepared for violence from the left wherever it might rear it’s ugly head as I have no doubt what so ever that we will certainly be seeing lots and lots more of it until it is ended.

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Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word, hypocrisy as such.

Definition of hypocrisy

plural hypocrisies

1:a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not :behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel

  • His hypocrisy was finally revealed with the publication of his private letters.

         ; especially :the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion

  • our conventional morality often serves as a cover for hypocrisy and selfishness
  • —Lucius Garvin
2:an act or instance of hypocrisy

  • a keen awareness of one’s parents’ hypocrisies
It does not take a genius to see how this applies completely to the “Left”. The “Left” being the catch all phrase to include liberals or what they are calling themselves today, progressives, to socialists, communist, marxists, and any other applicable area. Although the first to decry abuses of and need for “Free Speech” for example, the Left is the most intolerant of anything that does not totally agree with their agenda.
The election of President Donald J. Trump has brought into crystal clarity everything associated with the word “Hypocrisy” in every conceivable way. The so called mainstream media no longer even attempts to put forth a semblance of truth and instead will even fabricate news to fit their agenda. Statistics to date show that more than 91% of media coverage of President Trump is in fact negative. Calling the MSM coverage of the Trump Administration negative is a gross understatement. This fact alone is despicable and defies every reason that the MSM was even created. In point of fact, the MSM has simply become the attack arm of the democrat party and the left.
In years past the media has been able to successfully cow those who dare disagree with them by submitting the offender to intense scrutiny and basically trying and convicting them in the press much like a shark attack. Once blood was smelled in the water the sharks would begin swarming and attacking until there was virtually nothing left of the prey. Opponents of the left or the “Right” were successfully beaten into submission or silence if nothing else by having their lives shredded in the media. At the same time, those on the left, regardless of the infraction or crime are literally given a pass and nothing is every even mentioned. The prime and best example is what has taken place with Hillary Clinton and her extremely lengthy list of what if committed by anyone else would have resulted in immediate incarceration. But, because of the political stature of the Bill and Hillary Clinton brand, everything is quietly swept under the rug.
Even the head of the FBI had drafted exoneration letters for Hillary Clinton months before even questioning her with regard to her illegal use of a private email server. On the other hand though, the left screamed, hollered, and went apoplectic over the idea that Russia might have somehow colluded with or tried to help the Trump campaign take the victory from Hillary. With no evidence whatsoever, the left managed to have a so called, independent investigator who just happens to be a good friend of former FBI Director, James Comey assigned to the investigation.
Antifa is another shining example of “Hypocrisy”. In order to silence conservatives from even being able to speak on college campuses like Berkley, Antifa goes on rampages which result in everything from simple rioting, to physical assaults, burning of cars and businesses, and destructions of private property. Despite the ever growing instances of violence and chaos caused by Antifa, you never see anything referencing acts committed by leftists that aren’t staged or made up to suit the purpose and the agenda of the left. Straight out of the Cloward and Piven playbook for radicals where the end justify the means at all costs. Antifa and other fascists groups who are in fact the epitome of hate and violence are simply given a pass by the left and the MSM.
Why is this? Is this some new problem that has just begun in the last few decades? No, it goes back throughout the history of mankind altogether. Humans will simply not get along. When one looks back through history, how were the problem of disagreement handled? The Roman Empire came closer than any other for the most part in dealing reasonably and having intellectual disagreements and debates. But in the end, corruption destroyed that society completely as is so often the case.
Today it seems that the left feels that they have the right to dictate how we are all to live and that they decide what is right and wrong. The problem is this, who named the left the supreme arbiters of all things fair? Thus, hypocrisy is demonstrated in all things. Just like politicians who eagerly and quickly exempt themselves from policies and laws that govern the masses but that would not be good for the politicians. The Senate and Congress certainly do not have to rely on “Obamacare” for their medical, oh no, they have the best of the best. Or how politicians can get rich on the practice of “Insider Trading” while those of us in the masses go to prison for such dealings. Essentially, hypocrisy rules supreme in all things and is not likely to change while they continue to reap the rewards of such despite the rest of us suffering terribly.
Now we must live under the rule of political correctness, identity politics, racial politics, and sexual politics unless something is done to stop it. Hypocrisy driven by political correctness will continue to gain steam much like a locomotive train until it is nearly unstoppable. Wake up, educate yourselves, and start standing up and forcing change. At the very least, get on your knees and start praying hard for this country to survive.
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What now?


Jan. 20, 2017 was the day that Donal J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States. Obviously for all of those who voted for him this was a wonderful event. The flip side however has been anything but joyful and happy. Leftist clothing designers vowed to and refused to dress the new 1st Lady, Melania Trump, the election results were challenged in every way conceivable, attempts to change the minds of the Electoral College Electors with death threats were made, and finally, 89 democrats sat out and boycotted the inauguration proceedings. So called protestors were bussed in and paid to disrupt and riot by far left organizations associated with Billionaire George Soros resulting in trash fires, windows broken on businesses, police cars smashed, and even a limo being set on fire. Last but far from least, Pravda wing of the democrat party which is now the media, have been completely unhinged.

How will this all fare for our new President? I suspect that President Trump will endeavor to accomplish everything that he talked about during  his campaign. I also think that President Trump will be met with relentless attacks from democrats and the media who are more than capable and willing to use any and every tactic whether factual and truth based or not.

The United States of America is far more divided along every imaginable line than anytime in history except for the US Civil War. The Obama regime under the guise of fairness and social justice, went out of the way to promote an atmosphere of us vs. them with regard to politics, economics, gender, religion, and certainly race. Law enforcement has been demonized, vilified, and presented as the enemy fanning the fires of racism like never before. Rioting, looting, and destroying property has been deemed protest rather than rioting by an overly politicized Dept. of Justice more concerned with political correctness than actually enforcing the law.

After taking office in 2008, Obama was quick to point out to his opposition party that he had won the election and that if republicans wanted to change anything that they would have to go and win elections of their own. Certainly not the attitude of someone looking to work with the opposition or try to unify the country. Then there was also the comments of Valerie Jarrett who was the real power behind the empty suit that Obama is. A further look at Valerie Jarrett can be seen below.

Valerie Jarrett's payback time

FBI Files Show Valerie Jarrett’s Hardcore Communist Family

And then there is the media. To keep up with the democrat party, the media has had to turn hard left and become more and more radicalized. During the Obama regime it was common place to see every network spewing the talking points that were given them by the democrats or the White House. It was learned that during this last campaign cycle that it was not uncommon for the press to feed the democrat questions that would be brought up during debates, or that permission to rewrite or revise stories was given to Hillary Clinton or her cronies. Instead of presenting facts, truth, and events as they occurred, the media now decides what they think is relevant for us to see and then go about mischaracterizing, spinning, and twisting stories into propaganda that suits their agenda. During this past campaign cycle, we saw the rise of “Fake News” which the media began using to hurt or destroy Trump, the republicans, and anyone who disagrees with them or their far left agenda. The media would literally take stories that they knew were false but if it was useful for their purpose, would run with it and deal with the fallout after the fact. No longer is any thought or concern given to truthfulness, objectivity, or even attempting to be unbiased in any way. No longer constrained by the shackles of truth, objectivity, or being unbiased, the so called mainstream media has become nothing less than the attack dog for the democrat party presenting any propaganda that is useful to them or their political ilk while refusing to report the truth about their opponents and working to utterly destroy anyone who dares to think differently from them. Is it a stretch to see that the so called mainstream media has become nothing less than the propaganda machine of the left? Very much like the Russian state machine known as Pravda or similar to what Joseph Goebbels used during the rise of the Nazi party.

Joseph Goebbels

Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda

Interestingly enough, Goebbels learned everything from the American father of propaganda:

Edward Bernays

Propaganda: “a message designed to persuade its intended audience to think and behave in a certain manner. Thus advertising is commercial propaganda. Or institutionalized and systematic spreading of information and/or disinformation, usually to promote a narrow political or religious (or commercial) viewpoint.” – from Business Dictionary

The last thing that I would expect would be for the “Media” to be fawning over President Trump. I doubt that Chris Matthews will have tingling up his leg anytime soon.

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Why is Israel important?


Why is Israel important? That is a broad topic that could require countless volumes of intellectual discourse to begin answering. To address this question much more simply and to keep from having to spend several years of college level research and Biblical study, I will utilize several forms of media to assist in answering why Israel is so important. Some quick facts to think about and remember would be that Israel is God’s chosen people and nation. Israel is also one of the United States staunchest allies. And, Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. All of these points are of incredible singular importance but let’s dig a little deeper and consider the facts and points addressed in this short video, The most important video about Israel that you will ever see. This video gives us a very clear explanation why Israel is so important.

Also, there is the SevenBiblicalResons written by Pastor John Hagee of Christians United For Israel. This article gives clear and concise Biblical reasons why Israel should be revered and honored instead of the opposite which we see happening today. The reasons listed in this article by Pastor Hagee are of fundamental and extreme importance as well as educational to those lacking anything other than cursory knowledge of Israel.

Far too often today we see demonstrations of nothing less than pure hatred for Jews. Not understanding the premise for such hatred caused a search for explanation that would make sense. One great explanation is presented by PragerU in this great little video, Born to hate Jews.

Similar to the PragerU video because my upbringing took place during the 1960’s on it was to my consternation to experience fear of Jews simply because they were different that what our culture of the time deemed acceptable. Choosing to go my own way rather than to simply follow blindly what the crowd was doing, my choice was not to participate in calling Jews ugly names or ostracizing them because of our differences. I chose to learn more about them and build on what we had in common instead of staying apart because of what we differed on.

As an adult, I have always been horrified by the way that Israel and its people are treated by the rest of the world and have always resorted to questioning the reason why this tiny little nation inhabited by a very small population in comparison to most other nations around the world, is so hated and despised. Understanding that Islam and Israel would not be very amenable to each other based on extreme religious differences is one thing but Israel is subjected to non stop terror attacks on an almost daily basis. The Jewish people are forced to live in a non stop and constant state of attack awareness every minute of every day. Imagine simply trying to go to the market to feed your family but having to fear rocket attack or suicide bombings no matter where you are.


And finally we end up considering the last eight years of the Obama regime. From the beginning of Obama’s first term nothing less than outright disrespect and contempt have been shown towards Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama even dared try to unseat Prime Minister Netanyahu by having US operatives fund and work for the opposition to Netanyahu which failed. Israel election interference is described in this article by Bloomberg describing the activities and interference attempts by Obama operatives. As disgusting, disrespectful, and completely ridiculous as this heinous act was by a sitting American President, this outrage pales by comparison with one of Obama’s final contemptuous actions towards Israel when the United States refused to veto a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement building as described in this JTA article.


All Americans should be horrified at the disrespect and anti semitic behavior that has been shown to one of our country’s most loyal allies for the past eight years of the Obama regime. Obama has embraced the worst enemies of the United States in history while flippantly disparaging Israel. Fortunately Israel Prime Minister realizes that the majority of Americans and especially Christians have been completely outraged by the actions of the Obama regime. But when you consider how Obama has surrounded himself with anti semitic advisors at the highest levels of government like Valerie Jarrett, an Iranian born communist and Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers in high level positions it is easy to understand how such people would foment animosity to outright hatred of Israel. Fortunately, we have an incoming President who will right the relations between the United States and Israel once again. Thank God that we will once again see pro Israel policies and relations return to normal as President Trump begins his term of office.



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Indoctrination can be thought of as being the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically. Another or even more appropriate word to put at the end of the aforementioned thought might be unquestioningly, without thought or hesitation, or even gleefully. This is demonstrated right in front of everyone daily, if not more. To say that our current political climate is toxic would be a gross understatement. Our country has become more divided along political line, economic lines, social lines, and most certainly, racial lines. All because of the extreme left, radical ideology of Barack Hussein Obama and his administration.

For the past eight years which was Obama’s two terms in office, every action taken was filtered though the lens of extreme, far left, radical ideology while marching to the droning drum beat of everyone on the left touting the battle cry of “Fairness”. Decisions have not been made based on the good of the country or what is best for the American people but rather how to further the far left agenda and democrat political gain. It has been as if we have watched Saul Alinsky’s, “Rules For Radicals” played out to the letter. Truth, facts, and all transparency have been thrown by the wayside while Obama and the democrats have schemed, cheated, and lied to accomplish their agenda.

The statement or thought from Voltaire referenced in the above image has never been more true than what we see happening all around us now. The press for example was created to shine a spotlight on the deliberations and actions or government. This of course was because the government exists for the good of the people. This has not been the case for quite a while and certainly going back to the announcement of Barack Hussein Obama to run for the Presidency of the US. At this point in time, the name Obama was absolutely an unknown quantity which presented a conundrum for the democrats and the press. The elites of the democrat party and the press saw Obama as an attractive alternative to coronating Hillary Clinton and went about the process of creating a caricature to fill the empty suit that was Obama. Obama was a community organizer and one term Senator from Illinois where he voted “present” when and if he even showed up to do his Senatorial work at all. After scrubbing and purifying every aspect of Obama’s life that didn’t suit them, the democrats and press went about creating a narrative that could be sold to the American people and successfully did so which resulted in Obama having been elected twice.


As the line separating the so called media and democrat party rapidly vanished, it became apparent that the main stream media had become the propaganda arm of the democrat party. With well over 90% of those in the press identifying themselves as liberals or with leftist leanings, the press started participating in the political discourse instead of simply reporting the facts. Facts and truth became scarce and gave way to everything presented to the American people having to conform to the leftist and democrat talking points. It has become so bad that stories do not even have to be true to be thrown against the wall to see if they will stick. This has given rise to fake if not overtly false stories becoming more and more frequent. The beauty of presenting these false or fake stories is that many times they accomplish the purpose of damaging the target of the story and causing harm before the particular news agency is forced to withdraw and posture about something deplorable making it’s way into the broadcast.

The 800 pound gorilla in the room that seldom if ever gets mentioned is the Education System. Beginning in the early 1960s liberals began gaining control of the education system in this country. The first victory for the left was the removal of prayer from school. What began as the need to remove prayer from the school system so that non religious people were treated fairly has become some nightmarish facsimile of what education is supposed to be. In the primary and middle school systems it seems that teaching our children that there are no winners or losers and everyone gets a trophy for participating, common core mathematics, or even how to properly put a condom on a cucumber. Pure science, math, history, and other antiquated notions are no longer really relevant the extremists in charge of education now. And let us not forget about college and the wonderful work that they do destroying free speech on campuses, becoming safe havens for illegals, and producing young adults who require therapy and hot chocolate from professors if they are subjected to such horrors as having seen the name, Trump, written in chalk on a sidewalk. Colleges and Universities have even developed their own language to help and now have over thirty one categories for sexual identity and how students can choose their pronoun of preference. Now think about the generation after generation of students who have successfully been indoctrinated from grade school through college and you see people who eagerly follow the marching orders of left without question or thought. These good little comrades simply do as they are told, vote as they are told, accomplish the ends at any means.

The result is the 49 plus million who voted for Barack Hussein Obama twice. When asked why they voted to elect or reelect him, we are treated to  such intellectual answers such as because he is black, or because he is cool, etc. When pushed about policy or accomplishments, they answer with deafening silence. The enemy at home is law enforcement and the military along with republicans or anyone who disagrees with anything left. The enemy abroad are our closest allies of the past like Israel but we coddle and bow down to Iran and other sworn enemies of the US. And despite the seemingly endless list of policy failures and imbecile legislation that has nearly brought this country to total annihilation, Obama is still viewed as a swell guy.

Now that Trump has been elected, just wait and see how the tolerant, objective, patriotic people on the left are going to act. Actually, we are already seeing it with mind numbingly stupid Hollywood libnuts doing PSAs and singing songs about surviving 4 years of Trump. This all just goes to show how incredibly important it is for their to be a massive, world wide revival and turning back to God. I pray that it happens sooner than later and do not see our survival prospects being all that high if we do not turn to God.

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Disgraceful Democrats



Don’t think for an instance that if republicans had in any way behaved like the democrats following the election of President Elect Donal Trump that there would not have been immediate and severe response from the entire democrat machine. The Clinton Campaign arm of the machine simply left supporters in the dark and went home. The attack dog arm formerly known as “the media” did everything except hyperventilate and die at the news of Trump’s election. The George Soros arm of the machine immediately dispatched their paid thug army to riot, attack Trump Supporters, and destroy things. You know, the ones who despite being paid by Soros groups and being bussed in to the various locations were simply spontaneously exercising their right to loot and destroy, I mean protest.

We first witnessed such classy response to defeat when Al Gore lost to George Bush. Even after Clinton and the left made such a big deal out of the fact that Trump said that he would have to see the circumstances before conceding defeat because of all of the known cheating that the democrats are involved in during every election cycle. Amazingly, the democrats always seem to manage to pull a few, or a hundred, or a thousand, or a hundred thousand votes out of their hat at the drop of a dime just as if it were by magic.

The election of Donald Trump was a clear, concise, silent rebellion against the tyrannical oppression of the left and their ideology upon the majority of this country who disagree completely with them. Conservatives have almost always outnumbered the liberals by a margin of nearly 2 to 1 forever. But we have allowed the vocal, radical, intolerant left to bully and scare many of us into submission at the least and silence overall. Our complacency and inaction has led to the left rising to power and during the Obama regime we have witnessed every kind of abuse of power, dirty tricks, lies, corruption, and things never before dreamt were even possible in an American Administration. Obama and his cronies have achieved their means by any dirty Saul Alinsky type action possible without push back or counter action even from the republicans who had been elected and sent to Washington, DC to block what Obama was doing, not to join in with them on it.

But then hey, this is just status quo for the democrats. Any self respecting democrats left have to be asking themselves what they have allowed the democrat party to become. If JFK were running today he would be drummed out of town for being some kind of far right nut job by comparison to what they believe now. I remember watching the democrat convention before this past convention where the word God was booed not once but three times and was stricken from the democrat platform. How’s that for tolerance?  Or we just have to look at democrat run institutions like the US Education System where college age kids are seen crumbling into sobbing, dysfunctional, messes in their “Safe Zones” because they were forced to see the name, Trump written in chalk on the sidewalk. I mean really, how dare we expect our little snowflakes to endure such horrors? In my generation we were either being drafted or enlisting to go to Viet Nam to fight for our country not strutting around in over priced sneakers and such that was bought and paid for by moms and dads who have to work their heads off to put food on the table. But our little snowflakes drive around in cars bought by mommy and daddy, use social media on their electronic devices that they didn’t buy, all while living on their parents dime and not having a clue what life will be like when they have to make it on their own.

Finally, take a couple of minutes to watch this short but well stated video which sums it all up so very nicely.

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Media, Democrats, and Snowflakes



Your humble Scribe has patiently watched and studied what was taking place during the very long election season and post election to date. I make no apologies for being a conservative, Christian, Patriot and warrior. Like everyone else, I experienced angst, anxiety, and outright fear at what was taking place. The temptation to rush to the social media like Twitter and Facebook was strong and demanded extreme restraint on this authors part to refrain from doing so. As a Christian, I chose not to vent my feelings on social media which would certainly have caused those who do not share my viewpoints or political beliefs emotional stress at the very least. The Trump vs. Clinton campaign was one of the most vitriolic of my lifetime, especially during the past eight years of more racial tension and discord than I have seen in lifetime.

At not time before in my life has there been the degree of divisiveness as witnessed during the last eight years of the Obama regime. The educated, astute observers were quickly able to ascertain that instead of working diligently to heal any racial divisions that the Obama regime chose rather to capitalize on and cause as much division as possible amongst race, religion, sex, and political viewpoints. Obama chose to utilize his regime to gin up as much division as possible on all fronts creating an atmosphere of “us vs. them” in all areas. With the aid of his willing accomplices in the media who have become nothing more than an unelected attack dog arm of the democrat party, the media successfully chose to spin attention away from anything that could possibly be harmful or damaging to Obama to in some cases, completely false and fabricated stories of non existent racial bias and discrimination. Such stories would fuel a feeding frenzy of feigned outrage and protest which aptly provided cover for far more relevant issues and topics that Obama did not want the public knowing about such as the true details of the Iran deal for example.

The medical debacle commonly known as Obamacare was one such agenda item that the democrats utilized every dirty trick, not excluding changing Senate rules, so that they could ram this ridiculous fiasco down the throats of the American people. Obamacare was crafted in the proverbial smoke filled, back rooms, in the dark of night. The democrats and Obama then began a joyful sales campaign of spin and lies that the media brought to the forefront for weeks, hammering the American people into submission of acceptance based on such lies as the one stating that you could keep your doctor, and the one that said it would not raise your payments, and on and on.

For the past eight years this author has watched as anyone and everyone who dared to disagree with the farthest left insanity on any topic was labelled a racist, homophobe, and the entire litany of derogatory terms used to vilify and demean anyone disagreeing with them. Anyone having traditional values such as believing in God, trusting in our Bill of Rights or Constitution were labelled as potentially being home grown terrorists. The media colluded with the DNC and the White House for their daily marching orders and talking points with which they would attack, demean, and try to destroy anyone with different view points. Our allies around the world were ignored and the vilest enemies known were embraced and praised. Those of us with traditional values saw everything turned inside out and upside down with no way to voice our opposition or have dissenting discourse about what was taking place. We were quickly told shortly after the Obama election that elections have consequences and that Obama won and we lost. That was in fact true and we had no choice other than to deal with it for the past eight years.

The election rolled around and Donald J. Trump won in the most incredible way every witnessed by incredible numbers. Much to the horror and dismay of the left, the media, and Obama, Hillary Clinton failed miserably be coronated as the country’s first female president despite the fact that she was absolutely positive that she deserved it for having been Bill Clinton’s wife, etc. Unlike when Obama was elected to the horror of my peers, we accepted and endured the Obama regime and all of the damage that has been done to our country and the world because of Obamas eight years in office. Once Trump was elected though, they media, the left, and every thug that could be found or hired was pressed into action causing disturbances and riots where ever possible under the guise of disdain at Trump having been elected. Soros backed, paid agitators, are still being bussed into locations in attempts to cause dissension and disturbances up to all out riots with no condemnation from Obama or the left.

College campuses around the country have become little more than breeding grounds and cloning chambers for extreme left, mind numbed, acolytes of Saul Alinsky and Cloward and Piven. Students on campuses across the country have had to have “Safe Spaces” created and “Crying Rooms” where they can go when they endure such outrages as seeing the name Trump written in chalk on a sidewalk. Campuses generate no free speech atmospheres and zero tolerance of thought or ideas differing from what they determine to be acceptable. Political correctness runs rampant and is absolutely out of control creating a culture of college students who are demasculinated, thin skinned, radicalized, snowflakes. These delicate little snowflakes are incapable of being exposed to harsh and harmful words like man or the name Trump and are driven into hysterical, hyperplectic fits and anxiety attacks at the mere mention of Trump’s name. How in the world will they ever manage to exist outside of college or will they rather be forced into the exile of mommy and daddy’s basement for protection for the rest of  their lives? At eighteen, this writer was enlisted in the US Air Force preparing to go to Viet Nam. Can you imagine people with the “snowflake mentality” coming to America during the times of the Pilgrims and what they would have faced?

Now the democrat party, the media, and all of the snowflakes predictably are proving themselves to be the mean, intolerant, hypocritical, vapid, monsters that they truly are. Devoid of reason, lacking good character or values, and completely allied to most radical emotionalism imaginable, the leftists are incapable of intellectual discourse and debate and can only respond with juvenile, hyper emotional defaming and attack of personal nature. The aforementioned truth was on full display when Clinton supporters were asked what accomplishments did Hillary Clinton have or what made her worthy of being elected president they could only stammer and stutter such brilliant responses as, just because.

Well the time has come to let the adults take over. The election is over and we won, get over it. If that is too much for you to accept, go find a crying room or safe zone at a nearby college and maybe they will coddle you and bring you hot chocolate. Grow up!


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Political Corruption!


During the entire 2016 political season there has been nothing less that complete confirmation that the US Political System is utterly and entirely corrupt. Almost daily evidence leaks out proving more and more layers of graft and corruption despite the mainstream media doing their utmost to cover for and give a pass to Hillary Clinton. Attacking Trump’s temperament which they can not prove that there is anything wrong with to begin with they conveniently forget about all of the documented episodes involving Hillary Clinton in screaming, cursing, and violent outbursts of lamp throwing when Bill Clinton was president and they lived in the private residence in the White House. Numerous times Secret Service Agents nearly had to enter for fear of Bill Clinton’s safety during disagreements with Hillary.

Then we have the “Email Scandal” which is dealt with in typical Clinton fashion which is to deny, ignore, blame someone else. The only problem with that is that even despite the FBI being unable to find evidence of wrongdoing to recommend for prosecution, evidence keeps oozing out and is more and more sinister. Emails disappeared, State Dept. couldn’t find them, hard drives disappear, and so on and so on. Nobody knows anything as per usual Clinton scandal modus operandi.

Last but certainly not least we have the Clinton Foundation which reeks worse than a backed up septic tank on a hot summer day. It never ceases to amaze how little of the staggering amounts of millions of dollars that find its way into the Clinton Foundation actually end up going to charities or people who need it. Hmmm, most of it goes into the pockets of the Clintons who remember, were broke when they left the White House.

In over thirty years in politics the only consistent thing that we have seen from Hillary Clinton is the absolute propensity to be above the law and lie. The Clintons are legends in their own minds and are simply too big to be bothered with trivial things like laws. Why laws and rules are only for the little people like you and I. The only thing that we can count on beyond a shadow of a doubt from Hillary Clinton is that whatever she says will in fact be the opposite. And if elected president, America as we know it will cease to be a reality. We will face a third term of Obama only worse.


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Temperament for office? Really?


The current method for attacking Trump seems to be an effort by democrats to challenge Trump’s temperament. Seriously? Is that what you are going with? Have you taken a serious look at Hillary? I remember reading books about the Bill Clinton presidency describing Hillary as being a psycho. Now there is another book by a Secret Service Officer talking about Hillary’s actions, outbursts, and behavior.

Ok, so let’s just forget about all of that for a minute and examine the Email scandal a little. Supposedly we can’t prove intent by Hillary’s choice of a private email server. Looking back over a thirty year history of Hillary’s behavior and action we clearly see that she is anything but transparent and open about ANYTHING. I do not find it hard to believe that the private server was for no other reason than to deceive, hide, and obfuscate her actions. At the very least though, we have to consider FBI Director Comey’s testimony after the conclusion of the FBI investigation into the server.  If we go with the description of Hillary having been extremely careless with handling of classified material then one has to ask, if Hillary can’t be trusted to handle email and classified material, what will happen if she is President and has access to America’s top secret classified material, nuke codes, and everything else pertaining to American Security? Can we have a President who can’t pass a background screening or be given the highest clearances there are to handle classified material?

It appears that the democrats are simply incapable of being able to discuss or debate topics like the economy, immigration, foreign policy, etc. because of their absolute catastrophic mishandling of every situation that they are presented with. The things that matter to most Americans and affect us at a very personal level like poverty, income, security, etc. So their solution is to attack Trump’s temperament because they lace any record of success on anything that Americans find important. The last thing that I am going to be concerned with going into the voting booth is Trump’s temperament.

Hillary has demonstrated not only a willingness but an absolute eagerness to look us in the eye and lie without reservation. Reasonable people could easily conclude a pathological aptitude for lying in any and every situation. The Clinton’s both pride themselves as being spin misters extraordinaire which we have seen for the past thirty years but culminated in Bill Clinton’s testimony resulting in his answer that it depended on the definition of what is, is. The Clintons will fabricate a yarn, or spin a tale, or boldly lie about the most innocuous of things such as Hillary landing in Eastern Europe under sniper fire, or that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary despite having been born six years before Sir Edmund came on the scene. You can almost consistently expect the exact opposite of whatever you are told by the Clintons to be the actual truth.

If you plan to vote simply on knee jerk emotionalism or simply because of party affiliation then do this country a favor and for God’s sake, don’t vote at all. If you are unable to see the truth, accept fact over fiction, or are so mind numbed from the indoctrination and lies of the media then you will be guilty of an extremely serious infraction that I like to call, VWI or voting while ignorant. Please don’t be that guy and avoid being charged with VWI at all costs.


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The Founders Meant What?


During the last few weeks we have seen both the Republican and the Democrat party conventions. The differences were of course stark in every conceivable way. Both conventions were very long on agenda driven promises, rhetoric, and jabs at the opponents.

As both conventions had their time in the spotlight, I often found myself wondering what the Founders would be thinking had they been able to watch today. This also had me wondering about what the two parties truly stand for now. With that in mind I was taken back four years ago to the democrat convention when the mention of God was booed not once, or even twice, but three times. It would have been more if there had been more mentions of God. To say that I was overwhelmed with shock and disbelief would be a gross understatement.

At the democrat convention that ended last night with the anointing of Hillary Clinton, there were not even any US flags present until the third night or so. Families of black victims who in some cases were eluding the police and arrest for crimes they had just committed and were killed in doing so were present but there were no family members of murdered police officers of any race present. Then there is or was the leaked email debacle which clearly showed how the system was rigged and biased for Hillary from the start and Bernie Sanders was never going to get the nomination no matter what. You mean that they were willing to cheat? Obviously and to the democrats, the ends justify the means no matter what.

Hillary, who is a staunch Saul Alinksky follower has taken all of her far left training to heart and has become a Grand Master of deception if nothing else. For nearly thirty years we have seen Hillary involved in scandal after scandal and despite mountains of evidence, if not shredded first, simply hunkers down and stands firm on whatever lie she has fabricated to protect herself. The Clinton’s epitomize everything that can possibly associated with the appearance of corruption and have simply lied their way through, no matter what.

What would the Founders think had they been witness to the conventions?  What would they be thinking of the candidates, especially Hillary Clinton? If the Founders were to analyze the democrat convention, what would they take away as being the core party platform? Let’s see, there is the desire for open borders and endless hordes of immigrants who given drivers licenses could then vote, and most likely democrat if they are on government aid for their sustenance. The Founders would see the war on God and Christianity while the dems embrace Islam at every turn as the religion of peace. The Founders would see a party whose foreign policy is little more than complete appeasement of our worst enemies while spitting in the face of our greatest allies. And certainly not the least of what the Founders would see would be the disintegration of the rule of law and double standards for those in the privileged class.

If Hillary is elected it will simply be Obama’s third term at the very least but could also be the death knell for the United States as we know it. We are currently at nearly twenty trillion in debt which will crush us completely at some point soon, nearly half the population of the US on welfare and government assistance because of the unbelievable unemployment figures, and an insane foreign policy of appeasing our enemies while the Middle East is collapsing in fire and destruction.

While we are rapidly approaching what could easily be described as the most important election of our lifetime for those of us who wish to see our Constitutional based form of life continue, we have to wonder about what the Founders meant when they gave us the Republic which has made us the greatest country in the world? With that in mind, why would we even consider electing some rapid extremist who is hell bent on destroying everything that we have become and deeply desires to impose some radical form of socialism/marxist/communism on us?

I pray that we find people of courage and integrity to stand firm in opposition to the rampant destruction of our liberty and way of life. I pray that warriors will rise in opposition and will educate people on the threat of far left ideology and sway the elections towards someone with at least a functioning semblance of sanity. God bless the USA!

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