Evil Within!

During the past let’s say 8-10 months, the majority of effort to stop the Trump agenda from moving forward has come from the Republican Senate. How and why would this even be happening? As a Kentuckian, it was always a great pleasure to see Sen. Mitch McConnell succeeding and it usually meant great things for the state of Kentucky. It was my pleasure to work for the Senators campaign as well as that of Congresswoman Ann Northrup in 1996. Prior to about 1985, my political views were pretty nondescript. Kentucky had been a democrat leaning state all of my life and I was encouraged to register as such. Luckily for me, I began working with some men who were very well versed and astute with regard to politics and they began educating me on the differences between the two parties and what these differences really mean.

Personal views lead this writer to believe that history is a clear and concise portrait of the successes and failures of everything that man has or will try. Essentially, there is nothing new or enlightened that hasn’t been tried numerous times in human history all over the world. Why does the left seem to think that they alone are capable of making a failed philosophical or political theory work when it has failed and was not able to work when the people who developed the theory were not able to make it happen. If Karl Marx couldn’t pull it off, why would Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton be able to succeed with socialism or communism in the United States? A better question would by why would they want to do so to begin with? If they are so determined to live in a socialist/communist Utopia then why don’t they go to Venezuela or Cuba and show the world how to make it happen and then come back to the USA and talk to me about the virtues and wonders of their systems?

Do you really think that the socialists/communists have not been eagerly at work even since the 1920-1930’s to burrow into US government? Since the 1920-1930’s the main planks of communism have been adopted by the American Left and implemented in any and every place possible. If you haven’t read the main planks of communism, take a few minutes and educate yourself on the links referenced in the sentence before. All of the “ists and isms” have been sought by the left since the very beginning of this country. Take a minute and read how an agricultural experiment with socialist ideas nearly killed off the very first US settlers during 1620. The end result was that the colony was nearly destroyed by starvation but hey, it sounded great as an idea and looked good on paper. The result however, was disastrous and fatal for many.

Seeing young people who run around thinking that they are enlightened and educated while wearing Che t-shirts or other garb promoting social/communism/marxism, etc. disgusts me because most of these enlightened individuals actually have little to no understanding of the truth and facts regarding this would be hero of the left. The fact that Che personally murdered nearly 2,000 people with his own hands is lost on them. Or the fact that under communism, Mao killed off, mostly by starvation, nearly 30 million people, Stalin nearly 20 million, etc. and etc. but no one wants to bother looking into history to actually learn these facts. Instead, these little lemmings simply want to score points with their profs and other leaders showing that they completely drink the Kool Aid without question.

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

My feelings are that this line of thinking is absolutely correct and it has been proven time and time again. When questioned as to whether we have a monarchy or a republic,  gave the following quote. “A republic, if you can keep it.” (Benjamin Franklin) But, it is nearly impossible to see the US form of government ever referred to as a representative republic, it is almost always called a democracy and most have no clue what the difference even is. The previous sentence contains links which do a pretty good job explaining those very differences. 

Considering the 2016 election and resulting power shift for the Republicans, it is amazing to think that nearly one year into the President Trump Administration that we would be sitting here looking at the lack of ability to get rid of “Obamacare” just for one topic. Building the border wall, lowering taxes, rolling back job killing rules and regulations should all have been dealt with or be given considerable thought by this point but no. Why would the controlling republicans in the US Senate be doing little more than naked obstructionism and virtually spitting in the face of the American electorate who clearly gave them the majority over the last few elections cycles in this country? To understand the truth with regard to this question, we first have to understand that the democrat and republican parties, despite vast ideological differences, are basically two sides of the same coin. How could that be you might ask?  An explanation will be attempted below.

The long and short of it all comes down to the word power. Politicians are addicted to wealth and power and like addicts, never want to surrender it. Therefore, politicians have to accumulate as much of each as possible during their first term in office. To have any hope of being able to further a career in politics, they must also show a willingness and ability to cave to the wishes of their party leadership. Pushing back on the agenda as set forth by the leadership will result in a politician being isolated in some obscure, meaningless committee assignment that pretty much insures a single term in office and then back to their home district. But, if they tow the line and help leadership further the given agenda, that is a game changer and can mean good committee assignments, and having lobbyists start lining their pockets along with the other automatic wealth generators that politicians enjoy such as insider trading. Illegal for us but perfectly legal if you are in the club with the other elites who run things. The problems lie in the fact that regardless of the party denominator following a given politicians name, in some cases which are more than not, their particular ideology may be very little different from their colleagues across the political aisle. In order to hide the fact that a politician may swing left or right, depending on the particular issue, politicians will say that they are moderate or establishment which is simply code for left leaning or liberal. A politician will claim to be a fiscal conservative but a social liberal of some other such gobbledygook but it all basically boils down to the fact that most are simply going to take a position that is going to garner them more power and curry favor with leadership while raking in more personal wealth. Take for example, the Clinton Foundation espousing lofty views and ideals while in fact is nothing more than a “pay to play” enterprise to make the Clinton’s disgustingly wealthy while being “too big to prosecute” despite breaking laws over and over again that would put the little people in prison for life.

No, two faced politicians are nothing new and have been around since the beginning of political games. It has just degraded into the naked corruption that we have today where all aspects of government have been politicized and weaponized. Agencies like the IRS or Intelligence community were always intended to be unbiased but under the Obama regime, were totally weaponized and politicized. Under Harry Reid, the rules were changed allowing the Senate to use the simple majority of 51 instead of 60 votes but Sen. Mitch McConnell refuses to allow this to be allowed. Unfortunately for us, their are far too many “RINOS” (Republican In Name Only) in the US Senate and they will not allow President Trumps agenda, regardless of the benefit to the people of the US to be allowed even be voted on. For nearly the entire Obama regime we heard little more than unending vows and promises to overturn and repeal Obamacare. Given complete and total control of the US government, and nearly one year into his first term, President Trump’s attempts to do so are met with defeat after defeat and always in the US Senate. Why, how could this possibly be happening? Democrats and the left simply want a “Single Payer System” like Europe, Canada, etc. have which is floundering and failing at every turn. What is it and what would it be like in the US? Basically, single payer would be having the government in charge of everything, much like Medicare. Having personally been forced to rely on Medicare for many years there is a litany of reasons why this is not something that would be wished on an enemy if it could be helped. Reasons why single payer would be a nightmare is that there are typically very long waiting lists for things such as surgery and just to be seen. Life prolonging procedures are rationed and in many cases simply denied if you are old and useless to be honestly brutal. And finally, why would you want to take the best healthcare in the world that the US had prior to Obamacare having been rammed down our throats in smoke filled rooms, because of sleazy deals, in the early hours to begin with? Because it gave control of over 1/5th of the US economy to the government is why. More for government to control.

So the evil within basically means that politicians who could care less whether grandma gets the hip she needs or not as long as they get to control it and put more money in their pockets. Politicians who could care less about their constituents or the districts that elected them and are only concerned with personal wealth and accumulation of power. Politics was never meant to be a career and our Founders knew this. Our Founders gave us term limits for that very reason, so that good people could go to government for a specific period of time to further and benefit of the people and then go back home to live amongst their constituents. Now, power and wealth are centralized in D.C. and politicians have numerous properties around the country. Secondly, politics has consistently moved to the left to the point that moderation will virtually be non existent in the democrat party and conservatism is a small minority in the republican party. The so called “Establishment” are the entrenched, outdated, geriatric branch of government who control and run everything. Threats to their power or money will be met with the harshest of treatment and a campaign of personal destruction will be seen and waged against the offender in either party. Media has completely aligned with the democrats and left and identity politics rules the day. If you have differing beliefs or view points, you are systematically targeted for destruction by the media and political opponents. The politics of personal destruction has become the rule, not the exception. Lately, we have seen what could be considered establishment choices soundly defeated by more conservative choices handing resounding defeats to Leader Mitch McConnell who supported candidate Luther Strange that Judge Roy Moore easily defeated for the vacant seat of Sen. Jeff Sessions who is now our Attorney General of the US. Perhaps the sleeping giant of conservatives in flyover country are waking up and finally have reached the limit of tolerance? I pray this is the case and will certainly do everything in my power to insure that it happens. The evil within are career politicians who are “Establishment” (code for liberal), and who only work to further their personal power and wealth. And also, anyone who seeks to destroy this country and replace our representative system of government with a democracy or worse. They are the enemy.


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