Picture George Soros, the Nazi Collaborator who became rich by helping destroy the economies of small countries. Think of him as the evil Emperor Palpatine from the the Star Wars movies and that about sums him up. If you look up his biography however, you will most likely see some whitewashed work of fiction which leaves out the truth and facts of George’s participation in collaborating with the Nazis and will instead see the spin, rinsed, washed and dried, and neatly pressed sanitized version of this darling of the extreme Left.

For me, George Soros is the epitome of everything evil and nasty, subversive, conniving, plotting, skulking around in the muck like some cockroach which is only brave enough to come out when the lights are turned off. Good Ole George likes to donate to and fund far left enterprises whose goals are the destruction of the United States as we know it and put in its place some Utopian “New World Order” scenario, that he and his ilk would of course run.

Another towering hero to Hillary Clinton is Margeret Sanger who pioneered birth control. Looking at her Bio on Wiki, you will of course see another properly sanitized bio of all the wonderful work this woman did to help modern womanhood. More truthful portrayals of Margaret Sanger will of course reveal the true evil of how Sanger wanted to eradicated the inferior black race with Eugenics along with the “Yellow Peril”.

Thinking about these two people alone and how they are idolized and adored by the left brought to mind the fact that before they could be lifted up as Paragons of all things wonderful to the Left, they first had to be scrubbed, cleaned, and sanitized to hide the truth about how evil they truly are. But hey, can’t stop with just these two, the list includes other Giants of the Left like Cloward and Piven, Saul Alinsky, and last but by far not the least, Edward Bernays who taught the Nazis how to lie, spin, and deceive the entire German population.

The common thread amongst the vast majority of people like the cretins listed above is that they all think that they are superior beings who should fix the world’s problems with grandiose sounding ideologies like cleansing the races with Eugenics. The biggest problem of course is that in order to bring this Utopian, wonderful, new Mecca on the Hill into being, they have to obliterate completely what the Founders of this country put into place over two hundred years ago which made us the greatest nation on earth. What? How could that be you might say? Well, let’s look at the US Education System and how that is going and working for us so far. University of California, Berkeley comes to mind right off the bat. Oh yeah, you might have heard of them, the birthplace of “Free Speech” and all? Yes, the same place where all of the students are smashing windows, starting fires, and attacking anyone who doesn’t completely agree with them and their worldview? Yep, the same ones. So, parents spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to send their children to colleges and Universities so they can turn out to be the “Snowflakes, Social Justice Warriors, and Antifa” that we all see on tv so much beating people up and destroying property? Who could not love that?

But, how could all of these kids be so confused, hate America, and become dangerous, radical, far left little trolls you might ask? To explain that we have to use a very foreign concept in today’s world called “Logic” and reason. Here is an example, if liberal professors outnumber conservative professors by at least 5 to 1, whose ideology will prevail and be taught in schools, colleges, and Universities? Yep, far left, mind numbing, tripe will be taught. These far left professors simply rewrite history to get rid of those pesky facts, and truth that doesn’t further their agenda and in its place they simply create a narrative that works for them, voila! Far left Academia has an iron fisted control of the US Education System and has for decades. So, they have churned out, decade after decade, mind numbed, little obedient trolls, who are properly propagandized into no longer thinking for themselves but rather marching in lock step to whatever their “Dear Leader” tells them. Higher education today is so great that they can now boast that 1 out of five of our little darlings think that violence is alright if you disagree with what they believe or First Amendment Violence. Isn’t that great?

The Evil does not stop with just the Education system in the US, oh no, not by a long shot. One has but to consider, “Mainstream Media”. Historically, the media were unbiased purveyors of fact who would inform the public keeping us apprised of current events locally, nationally, and globally. Sadly, the days of being able to have news presented minus the opinion, bias, or agenda are long gone. The so called mainstream media in the US has become worse than State run Pravda in any communist dictatorship. Despite knowing this and seeing it play out daily for most of the past twenty years of so, most people were still willing to give the MSM a little doubt about their agenda. Coverage of the first 100 days of the President Trump Administration has been at least 95% negative. Irregardless of what else is happening in the world, we in the US will have Trump bashing rammed down our throats by the likely culprits of NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, and on and on ad nauseam. The MSM has become nothing more than the attack dog arm of the democrat party and are completely devoid of objectivity, reason, and certainly truth as the media will not hesitate now to fabricate stories if it furthers their agenda. It is nakedly, journalistic malpractice on a national scale. It has become so bad that the MSM literally takes their marching orders and talking points for the day from the democrats themselves. If you can stomach watching for more than 5 minutes you will see the same dog whistles and buzz words used by every talking head on all of these stations and networks. It is pitiful, pathetic, and sad how low the MSM has fallen and how completely and utterly they have destroyed “Journalism” which is quite dead now.

Finally, the democrat party has swung as far left as you go now beginning with the election of the empty suit, commonly known as Barack Hussein Obama. Empty suit, well yeah, just try to find information about good ole Barry and you will find that school transcripts don’t exist, birth certificate, or any other information has been sealed and sanitized utterly and completely. Well, there is always the fact that Barry Obama, the giant American Patriot, was mentored and taught by Frank Marshall Davis, who was a solid Communist. Now how in the world could any kid grow up to be anything other than a US flag waving, star spangled banner singing, Patriot like Barack Obama? Oh wait, Barry doesn’t love America, right? Well, I will leave history to be the judge of that but personally, I don’t think the eight years of the Obama Regime did much to help America. Race relations, doubled national debt, and the train wreck of the once greatest health care system in the world are Obama’s legacy so you be the judge. The good old democrat party, who could not be proud of the donkey’s, right? Why granny and grandpa just loved them some donkeys, and JFK, and the Kennedy’s and so forth. Just look at the democrat party platform now, or in 2012 when they literally boo’ed the mention of God. Yeah, that was great. So a good question might be, have the democrats gone too far left? Consider the democrat stance on oh, let’s say our rights for example. Given the opportunity, you could kiss your 2nd Amen. right to bear arms goodbye. And, there is always the 1st Amen. right to free speech which is being politicized and weaponized by the left now. Then, there is abortion, religion, patriotism, and what ever else they can find to be offended by or politicize and weaponize. Don’t forget about sexuality, marriage, religious expression of anything other than Islam of course. And that my friends, paints a pretty broad picture of the whole “Evil” picture.

Let’s take a final tally and add things up. The far left hates God and religion, except for Islam which they don’t understand. The left embraces tyrants, miscreants, and cretins as long as they hate America and want to destroy it in lieu of some “New World Order”. The Left has succeeded in nationalizing the American Health Care System which is about one sixth of the entire US Economy and they want to reach a “Single Payor System” of Socialistic Healthcare modeled on European or Canadian models that do not work and are completely unsustainable. The Left controls the Education System and is indoctrinating our kids with politically correct curriculums which further gender studies, world history, Islam, Common Core Mathematics, etc. but do not teach US History unless it is a sanitized version of revisionist white washing, and of course my favorites like community organizing or social justice? Why bother with sciences like Math, History, English, or that junk those old, dead, white guys said was right when you can have the proper, politically correct indoctrination found at any of your local bastions of higher education in the Public School System, right ? And who can forget some of the latest entries into higher ed curriculum like statue destruction, and white privilege. Yeah, those are great too.

So, the Left, which is code for liberals, progressives, socialists, marxists, communist, social justice warriors, and any other “ists or ism” that you can think of as long as it is anti-American, is embraced. Just embracing a far left agenda or ideology is not on its face, evil. Evil comes into play by looking at the actions that leftist will take to promote or further their agenda. It isn’t much of a stretch to examine the truthfulness of the leaders of the democrat party like Hillary Clinton or Barry Obama. The Clintons have a 30 year plus history of playing fast and loose with truth and fact. Not to mention the fact that the Clinton’s feel entitled and larger than life, certainly too big to be held accountable to the laws and policies of the little people like us in flyover country between the two coasts where most liberals live. In the final tally, the number or truths vs. lies told by the Clintons, the Obama’s, or most other democrats heavily tilts to, let’s say, the non truth category. These are the people who have redefined terms like hypocrisy which they have exemplified like no other. The “Ends justify the means” mentality of the left allows them to do whatever they deem fair to accomplish their goal which typically consists of self empowerment and the accumulation of untold personal wealth. All else pales by comparison when compared to the empowerment and wealth accumulation of the left, mostly at the expense of the rest of us in the US. If achieving the goals of clinging to power means destroying our national borders and flooding the country with illegal immigrants who will be dependent on social welfare programs run by democrats in hopes that they will become democrat voters, then it is fine to do so in their minds. The thinking being that the millions of illegal immigrants who poured over our borders, primarily the southern borders for the entire eight years of the Obama Regime because of the welcome sign that Obama put there, was for the express purpose of getting US drivers license and the right to vote so they could increase the democrat roles in hopes of swaying the US elections in favor of the democrats.

If the ends mean to embrace “Evil” people, evil practices, or lying, stealing, and any other means embraced by the far left to include the newest tactic, violent protests including assault and personal violence, the left will not hesitate to do so. The Left will pay agitators, and even bus them to events to accomplish the evil agendas. Incapable of succeeding honestly, openly, in the light of day with honest tactics and fairness, the left prefers to stoop to all things illegal and evil as long as it furthers their agenda and the ends are accomplished. And if, you are insane enough to disagree with them in any way, you will be vilified, demonized, and if possible, utterly destroyed by the people of the Left who view themselves as the most tolerant, and fair, and enlightened. Fairness of course being the main buzz word which has used by the Left who are in fact are the most intolerant, unfair, dishonest, violent, and evil of all. Just look at what passes for the news and you will see no end of some conservative being portrayed as not only a buffoon, country music loving, illiterate, uneducated, Bible clinging, gun loving, moron. If you love America, our flag, our National Anthem, or are a conservative, then you are a homophobe, a racist, a xenophobic, sexist, white privileged buffoon or worse. And, those of us who served in the US Military are expected to watch, overpaid, pampered, sports figures routinely disrespect our country, flag, and national anthem while embracing them “taking a knee” or using a Black Panther Salute and we are the ones who are viewed as intolerant and wrong.

Everything today is upside down, inside out, and completely out of whack. We are literally living a “Tail wagging the dog” type of life in which a small minority, of well organized, well funded, extremists are running everything and we are expected to live in it and be happy, and mostly quiet. You dare not question your betters or bite the hand that feeds you. Politics has become little better than a side show of two faced freaks who talk out of both sides of their mouths and take both sides of any and every issue while spinning like a weather vane on a barn roof during a tornado. They call themselves, “Centrists or Moderates” while in fact they have zero conviction and simply blow in the wind of favorability as dictated by the latest poll. Very few are the true people who possess real honor, character, or morality and are still willing to serve in politics with the people of America’s best interest at heart. Sadly, most politicians today are simply interested in getting to the “Good Ole Boy/Girl Club” in D.C. so they can sit back and let lobbyists make them rich.

All of what has been discussed above can be seen throughout history, time and time again. Instead of learning from the mistakes of the past, human beings seem incapable of doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. This has been called the definition of insanity which makes perfect sense. Those who are unwilling or incapable of embracing a Christian worldview and living by the absolute truths and right and wrong as defined by God’s Word are the very ones who will most likely be Leftists and evil. They want to say things like morality is subjective or relative instead of absolute, black and white. Right and wrong is relative and subjective to them, conforming to God’s Word is just too hard and can’t be done, they say. No manner of evil that they stoop too or commit is their fault either, they have an excuse for everything and it is always someone else’s fault or society’s fault. And, there seems to be no limit to the lengths, depths, or limit to the evil that the Left will stoop too while considering themselves to be enlightened, anointed, and empowered. The example of yesterday, after having the worst shooting horror ever committed on US soil and then to have a Vice President of CBS, Haley Geftman-Gold, who came out and said that “Refugs” meaning “Republicans”, and the victims of the Las Vegas shooting of Oct. 2nd, 2017 in which 59 people were killed and over 500 injured by an insane shooter, and yet this far left elitists said that  they did not deserve sympathy because country and western fans were typically gun toters. Ms. Geftman-Gold is a perfect poster child of the Left’s elitist, unrealistic, self righteous, extremist ideology of the Left. Some might call that level of thinking as being the definitions of EVIL. But, as laid out above, the Left is quick to embrace all things evil as long as it accomplishes the ends that they desire. Evil is to be defeated, not embraced.

Hayley Geftman-Gold (née Hayley Nicole Lattman) is former Vice President and Senior Counsel of CBS​.


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