Taking a knee

While watching a rousing movie of battle and conquest along the lines of 300 or Braveheart, after charging onto the battlefield, slashing and chopping your way through the endless waves of oncoming enemy, and standing victoriously over a thoroughly defeated enemy, the losing side had to show signs of submission. Sometimes we saw the representatives of the losing side all gathered up in front of the victor, if there were any survivors, and almost always, the losers were on their knees with their heads down in dejection.

When NFL teams assemble on the field before a game and the National Anthem of the United States is played and we see them drop to their knee, that is very much what is going through my mind, absolute surrender.┬áThe explanation for “taking a knee” is that it is to show rebellion towards the country that oppressed or is oppressing black people.

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Taking a knee is expanding this season in the NFL and most recently, even carrying over to Baseball games. President Trump recently commented about this practice publicly which predictably caused an incredible backlash amongst the media and all factions of the left. ESPN and the media eagerly fan the flames of racism and embrace the practice of “taking a knee” despite lacking a reasonable explanation of why it is necessary or who exactly is being oppressed or by whom? Now stop and think about this, these same athletes who grew up in a country that allowed them to rise to the level of their particular sport and in doing so to become multi, multi millionaires. In many cases achieving the financial pinnacle unlike the majority of us in “flyover country” who struggle 40 hours per week for 40 years to reach a retirement that we can’t afford to live on. Where is the oppression in that scenario? Who exactly is oppressing whom?

In the past, NFL games were an important part of my recreation and enjoyment. Anticipation of seeing favorite teams lining up on the field and experiencing the joys and sadness of victory or defeat were greatly anticipated all week. Now however, it is a sickening, disgusting, representation of ignorance and disrespect to our country. There is very little doubt that the majority of Veterans feel much differently than my feelings. An image on social media recently said to the effect that if you haven’t risked coming home under a flag draped coffin, don’t you dare disrespect our country. Even before my military service there was a deep sense of patriotism towards our wonderful country and the flag and the Anthem moved me to tears.

Here is the 64 dollar question, if you hate America so much, why do you live here, why do you work for the NFL making your millions of dollars? There are plenty of professional sports available in countries around the globe that would be a better fit for people with that worldview and mindset. Why not take up soccer and move to Iran, they certainly hate America enough for just about the whole rest of the planet. Why stay in a country that you despise and have so little respect for? On top of that, why should the majority of people who appreciate the privilege of living here have to endure your childish outbursts and acts of disrespect? This writer has no trouble showing my reaction to this disgraceful disrespect and I will encourage as many others as possible to simply join me in turning you off and not watching anything anymore. Call it boycott if you wish but if you lose enough people like me who are more offended by your taking a knee than that having to endure watching it, then you will continue to hemorrhage viewers which costs you and the team owners millions of dollars. Wouldn’t it be better if you simply threw a little tantrum in the locker room in private and then take the field?

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