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What does it mean to be an American? Why do we need the Constitution? Is communism good or bad and why should  we even care? What are our children being taught in their schools? The answers to these and many, many other equally important questions must be answered honestly. If for some reason you don’t know how to answer these or questions about current events, politics, and the course that our country is currently following then you must find the time and energy to educate yourself and find the answers.

I’m not asking or suggesting that you rush out and enroll in all the college courses that you can so that you can find the answers to or unravel the mysteries of life, but rather to read and research for yourself, and discover the truth.  Now I have to warn you that if you are too intellectually lazy to read a book, search the internet, and heaven forbid, visit a library then you probably aren’t going to have much success. Nor can you rely on political hacks, the lamestream media, or political party talking points. You must search in earnest and examine sources such as the Constitution itself, or the Bible, or any and all original sources that you can find. Be aware of propaganda and opinion pieces done by revisionist historians which only present a biased, slanted, viewpoint after careful revision and politically correct filtering to make it fit into their politically driven worldview.

The fact is that the public education system including public colleges and universities are driven by a leftwing, liberal agenda. Statistics seem to indicate that this is the case with liberals comprising over 87% of college and university faculties. Certainly the NEA has a political agenda that drives the curriculums of public schools and as with most unions the NEA is led by it’s support for anything liberal or politically correct. If you doubt this just consider why the militant gay agenda must be forced on our children including, if they have their way, kindergarten students.

Education must begin in the home and is the responsibility of the parents. We can not relinquish such a critically important task to anyone else. Not to the schools, the government, peer groups, or anyone else. If our children are not taught our core values and principles then where will they come from? Will they develop a worldview based on a moral, christian, principled viewpoint or will they be indoctrinated by secular, progressive, intellectual elitists who will brainwash them into submission?

Perhaps the first question that I posed is most important. It is my belief that we must first read and familiarize ourselves with such critically important documents as the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. You might even want to read such things as the Federalist Papers so you can better understand exactly what our founders had in mind as they crafted the documents which would lay the groundwork for what would become the greatest nation on earth. What is patriotism and why should it be so important to you? Is it better to be a christian or secular and why? How about homosexuality and teaching kindergarten children about it? These are a few of the questions which we must first answer completely honestly for ourselves and then begin teaching our children. Should we take charge and insist that our children learn and understand this based on critical thinking skills, truth, fact, and logic or simply allow them to be indoctrinated into becoming obedient ideologues churned out by the liberal, progressive machine that is our current public education system?

Don’t think about it, don’t wait, don’t hesitate for any reason. Start now and let’s take back control of what our most precious resource, our children, are being taught and exposed to. Prepare them to face the harsh, cruel reality which surely faces them and arm them with the skills and ability to be free thinkers and not simply a bunch of mind numbed little robots who will blindly follow and agree with whatever the ruling class spews forth. Start now, act now, and pray fervently for strength and guidance.

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  1. Excellent article. We Americans need to stop allowing ourselves and our children to be “dumbed down” by our public education system, media, and our politicians. Why we allow our politicians and our educators to outright lie to us, and get away with it, is beyond my understanding.

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