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Did I just hear what I heard?

Sen. Obama held a press conference today and denounced Jeremiah Wright in the strongest terms so far. Huh, what? Did he just wake up and what in the world has he been listening to for the last twenty years? Emphasis … Continue reading

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The Frog is boiling!

Stick a frog in a pot of water and slowly bring it to a boil all the while the unwitting frog is totally oblivious to his ultimate and certain impending death. Much like our esteemed frog we seem to be … Continue reading

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God, guns, and arrogance

Much ado has been made over Sen. Obama’s recent comments during a fundraiser in San Francisco,┬áPolitico about clinging to guns or religion. My question is why the shock? Should we really be surprised at all by such comments? I think … Continue reading

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