Indoctrination Nation ….

Poll: 58% of Young, College-Educated Americans Say Riots Are Justified

Parents, what is the cost of a College Education for your child? If you are paying for your child to go to a College or University, you know that it is anything other than cheap. The cost of housing, tuition, books, etc. can reach mind boggling amounts. So what exactly are you getting for that vast sum of money? How does the level of education that your kids are getting at US College and Universities rate? The PEW Research story referenced in the link about College and Universities shows that US schools rank dismally low when compared to schools throughout the world.

Education in the US has been in decline for decades as the Left has tightened its grip and control of the Education System. How does this affect the education of our children and what is the result of this overt indoctrination effort today? The story referenced above showing that 58% of College educated Americans say that riots are justified should send shivers down the spines of everyone. What could this portend for the future of this country? We must remember that these same Americans who believe that Riots are justified are the doctors, lawyers, and business leaders of today and tomorrow.

Agenda driven education which focuses heavily on such things as Social Justice factors and political correctness are at the core of the problem. If the focus for educating our youth is to move away from the pure sciences such as Math, Science, and History for example, then what do organization such as the NEA (National Education Association), Teachers Unions, and others, what is the focal point? Social Justice of course and all things which the Progressive Movement embraces. This is evidenced by what has taken place over the last few decades in the public school system implementing and promoting the “Gay Agenda”. Promoting this agenda has far exceeded just being accepting of homosexuals but has glorified, and embraced this lifestyle choice as the hip and cool thing to be. So kids who might not otherwise be predisposed to questioning their sexuality suddenly experience peer pressure to challenge their sexual identity assigned by birth. Could this possibly confuse young kids, absolutely yes and by design.

America has been gripped with rioting scenes of rioting, looting, arson, and even the murder of law enforcement officers and others brought about by the tragic death of George Floyd recently. Currently, there is no end in sight for this orchestrated, coordinated, anarchy which takes place, primarily in Blue States with Leftist Democrat Governors and Mayors who sit idly by and do nothing to even enforce the laws of this country. Rather they sit by silently allowing the wanton destruction of private property, looting, and even assault and murder of innocents including Police Officers at the hands of these terrorists who come out after dark to implement and perpetrate their evil plans.

Sadly, we have allowed this mentality to gain an unchecked foothold in our school systems and College and University Campuses across America dating back to when the Left first started gaining control over this critical element of American life. The Left of course realized how powerful a tool this could prove to be with decade after decade of properly indoctrinated kids who no longer even understand how to think for themselves, question their environment, or utilize critical thinking and logic, or develop strong moral codes to guide them. Prayer and God were not only removed from schools but have become sources of scorn and ridicule to the Left. Those who embrace a Christian worldview are mocked and vilified in the media who spew hatred towards anyone who would dare challenge them.

So what will this mean moving forward? Will we have doctors and lawyers who take care of us during the day but riot, burn, and loot after dark? Are College and University campuses simply indoctrination centers and echo chambers of all things Leftist or Progressive? The answer seems to be a resounding yes which is horrifying. Our kids are no longer taught or even exposed to such things as Civics to arm them with an understanding of the founding and what transpired to make America the greatest nation on earth. The Founding documents are mocked and demeaned by the enlightened elitists who prefer utopian visions of socialism and communism and actively seek to bring about the collapse of our way of life in order to promote some fantasy of revolution in America to cause a move to such flawed form of government. Theses overpaid, overprivileged imbeciles are allowed to fill the heads of our kids with ridiculous nonsense, day after day, which turns into decade after decade, and the result is mind numbed lemmings who no longer even possess the will to think for themselves or challenge what they are being taught to accept. In many cases, parents are horrified to hear their children parrot the ridiculous rhetoric they are exposed to in these liberal echo chambers throughout America.

Just consider what has happened to our 1st Amendment Right of Free Speech. What happens when free speech is restricted or filtered through leftist imposed speech codes, etc.? The results are chilling at best. Think back to situations like the riots which occurred at Berkeley when someone of a different political worldview dared to attempt to present alternative thoughts to the students. Anytime someone who did not march in lockstep and agree in totality with Leftist Worldview dared to attempt to speak, the ensuing riots, destruction of property, and anarchy was and is unbelievable to say the least. No longer is there any possibility of debate or the civil exchange of ideas in America. You either adhere in totality to the prevailing mentality which is rammed down your throat via your education or you are quickly banished into the realm of being an enemy and become fair game of the Left’s smear and destroy machine.

This situation should serve as a dire warning for all Americans but certainly to the parents who pay vast sums of money to have their children pushed through this nefarious system. Having children who lack the ability to think for themselves, agree in totality with the ideology which was foisted on them by Leftists Educators, and march in lockstep with Leftist Agendas is beyond frightening and unacceptable. At the very essence of Education should be the principle of “Free Thought” and the ability to question what they are taught. Are they too simply accept and emulate whatever progressive agenda they are exposed to in the Education System? It certainly appears to be the case. It is not even merely that they are taught to accept Leftist indoctrination whole cloth and without question but are literally taught to hate those who possess differing worldview and belief systems. This will not bode well for the future of America.

The Left has been patiently working to implement and exert their will over such things as the Education System, Political System, and Government overall going back to the 1930’s and beyond when planks from the Communist Manifesto was promoted and took root in places like Hollywood. Since the 1930’s, the tentacles have spread and taken root much like a cancerous tumor slowly killing the host. This has produced an evil shadow diligently and patiently working in the dark to promote its evil agenda. Unable to push a full Communist doctrine, Leftists began to embrace and promote a softer version in hopes of luring unsuspecting and malleable activists into their cause. Spewing hatred towards American values and lifestyle, students are led to believe that revolution is the answer and nothing short of a complete collapse of our current form of Government must be achieved. Instilling radical leftists into high levels of Government for example who will utilize subterfuge to implement a progressive agenda has been happening for many decades in America. The latest example of this cabal of like minded activists is evidenced by what has transpired when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States opposing the radical far left Hillary Clinton. Details of how nefarious the silent coup attempt to remove Trump has been are still coming out, ever so slowly as the perpetrators are identified and the magnitude of this comes to light. The goal was the removal of a duly elected President of the United States and the Left was wiling to go to any extreme or utilize any means necessary to achieve this goal.

America is indeed in crisis and never before have the dividing lines between the Left and the Right been more defined and clear. My belief has been for many years that the next great conflict and crisis will be between the opposing worldview and belief systems. Having 58% of College Graduates believing that riots are acceptable in a civil society is chilling to the bone. It will likely only get worse with time. Allowing the spread of unchecked control and power and an Education system which only teaches the agenda of the far left can not be allowed to continue. Be on notice and be forewarned now, tomorrow is at stake.

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New Normal? ….

The MSM (Mainstream Media) and Political Pundits are fond of the term which was recently coined to describe post COVID Pandemic life but has recently expanded to include the riots which have no clear end in sight. New Normal? Really? What does this portend for our future if we are to accept the very flawed buzz word, New Normal? By normal, do they mean that everyone is to be “Masked” to be in public henceforth? Are riots, arson, and assault anytime something happens that the Left disagrees with the “New Normal”? What will that mean for life as we currently no it moving forward into the future.

Life today is much like what one would imagine living out George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” book where the Elites enrich themselves beyond measure from the “Public Troth” and excuse themselves from the laws and lifestyle that they impose on the rest of us. Since when did public service mean that elected representatives have endless access to public coffers which they use and seem to think of as their personal “Piggy Banks”? Consider the net worth of a newly elected representative in Congress and what their net worth quickly becomes after they take office. Consider the case of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez commonly referred to as AOC. Starting off with a reported $15,000.00 in savings and an average salary of $174,000.00 per year, it will be interesting to see how long it takes her to become a millionaire, if she isn’t already.

A protester carries the carries a U.S. flag upside, a sign of distress, next to a burning building Thursday, May 28, 2020, in Minneapolis. Protests over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody Monday, broke out in Minneapolis for a third straight night. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Today, we have riots, looting, arson, and assaults taking place in cities across America. Listening to pundits and MSM we are to believe that this is somehow the “New Normal”. Peaceful protest of intolerable and abhorrent behavior by anyone should and is perfectly acceptable. We have a Constitutional right as guaranteed by the First Amendment to do so. The operative word and key component is of course the word, peaceful. What we are witnessing shortly after dark even if what might have begun as a peaceful protest seem to quickly devolve into anything other than peaceful protests. Despite their best efforts to excuse and cover for the Looters, Rioters, Thugs, and Criminals who are engaging in riots, arson, looting, and even murder, the MSM and pundits do their very best to try to convince us that it is the case. This must not be tolerated, period. We are being wantonly lied to by those who supposedly have our best interest at heart. Despite their lofty sounding rhetoric, we get anything other than the truth.

Sadly, the riots and other crimes are anything other than random by any stretch of the imagination. These situations seem to be highly organized and planned up to paying some of the protagonists who infiltrate and carry out pre planned crimes such as looting, arson, assault, etc. Largely to blame is one prominent group, Antifa. Refer to the story referenced by the link on the word, Antifa to gain a better understanding of who and what this radical, far left group of what has now been classified as Domestic Terrorists truly are. Groups such as Antifa seek the destruction of America and Anarchy, plain and simple. Prominent politicians such as Barack Obama attempt to tell us that rioting is the “New Normal”. This is absolutely horrifying and wrong headed to say the least and yet such sentiments are oft echoed by the MSM.

It is certainly interesting to consider that the people who were feigning outrage over people going to the beach and other activities as states begin to reopen after the mandated “Stay At Home Orders” that we have lived under for the past several months, are completely silent about the massive crowds of protestors and those engaging in what happens after dark. Did I miss something? Did COVID19 mysteriously disappear when the protests and riots started a little over a week ago? Yes, life is certainly going to be different moving forward after the COVID Pandemic and there will certainly be debates on the effectiveness of masks in the days and weeks to come. Despite the ever changing medical models, and data which is being gathered as we go along, what does or does not work will come to light. Sadly, often armed with little more than speculation or feelings, the MSM parrots whatever talking points are approved for the daily news cycle regardless of fact, science, or truth of the matter to begin with.

The bottom line is simply this, we must be very careful and question the veracity of just about everything that we hear. Due diligence should be exercized by those who honestly seek the truth and we must not blindly accept the lofty sounding talking points. How dangerous is this? Consider the entire Trump Administration and how the MSM, Left, and Democrats have reacted. These are certainly to go down in history as shameful, sad, pathetic chapters of what has become of our society and what we are expected to tolerate. If we are to accept knee jerk over reactions and pandering to leftists and their agenda as the new normal, the future will be anything other than a bright one.

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